Our Story

After retiring from the Air Force and flying for Continental Airlines, Jerry Lasco opened The Tasting Room in 2003 with the idea to create a wine bar using a retail-pricing model instead of a restaurant model so that guests would never experience the sticker shock of seeing their favorite wine priced three or even four times the retail price. Most of all, Jerry wanted to provide a comfortable and casual place where friends and neighbors could enjoy sophisticated wine. Over the years, the original Uptown location (now closed) grew from 900 square feet to almost 7,000. Cocktails were added to the offerings, and a chef-driven culinary program was put in place. Now you can enjoy these culinary pairings at The Tasting Room CityCentre!

In 2003, The Tasting Room was just what Houston’s wine lovers were waiting for. The concept grew quickly, and The Tasting Room became the leader in the city’s burgeoning wine bar scene.

At The Tasting Room, we believe in providing a lively, casual atmosphere where all can enjoy and discover the world’s best wines. Our motto is “celebrate life every day.”

Founder, The Tasting Room